multiple applications

why pornstar (star) token is the future of all things adult

adult content on another level

The PornStar (STAR) token will consist of multiple web applications. We are not trying to fix what is not broken, We are innovators, creating future applications and API’s. Ensuring the adult industry has a smooth transition into the future. With multiple partners ready to sign up, we will change the way existing websites not only process payments, but PornStar will also advance the technical abilities of creators with little knowledge of NFT’s and content licensing. Ending piracy and protecting the intellectual rights of adult creators worldwide.

unlimited possibilities for creators

Creators do not need a degree to create nft’s!


API WILL BE AVAILABLE to all platforms

The Pornstar API will be available to all platforms, including but not limited to live cams, tube sites, dating, adult gaming, and much more.

pornstar (star) payment gateway

The PornStar token (STAR) will be offered as a payment option to all existing and new adult websites that incur high processing fees from centralized payment processors like Epoch, PayPal, and many others.

user friendly flow

API user experience 

As website owners know the most important aspect of any application is user experience. If a website is complicated and hard to navigate, the user will not return. The PornStar application integrates directly into any website, new or existing. Our application adapts to the existing flow and will also automatically inherit the website’s design. 

easy to integrate 


The PornStar application is easy to integrate into any website with little development knowledge. Although that should not be an issue as all adult platforms have huge development teams that can accomplish just about anything. Our team took into account the smaller websites just getting started and adult performers personal websites. The PornStar application can easily be integrated into website builders like WordPress or Wix, simply by adding a snippet of HTML code. 

updates and upgrades 


The PornStar application will offer both a free and paid version of our API. The free version will have limited features. The Paid version can be licensed by subscription on a monthly basis, yearly basis as well as an option to buy a lifetime license. OUR development team can edit and customize the API for a fee to fit any publisher’s specific needs. Publishers will not be able to edit the API on their own. You must have the paid version in able to access automatic weekly updates.

payment processing decentralizing adult

the pornstar (star) gateway


We are not finished, The PornStar team will also offer the PornStar gateway. A new way to pay for adult services. Our plan is to completely eliminate centralized finance from the adult industry. Mainstream payment processors are collecting insane fees from anything with the adult label. Calling the industry high risk. Using it as an excuse to charge massive processing fee’s, in some cases up to 40%. The PornStar gateway will allow websites to use the (STAR) token for payments. 

Eliminating chargebacks 


One of the biggest problems with adult payment processing is chargebacks and fraud. These shady customers cost the industry upwards of 100 million dollars a year. The PornStar gateway will obliterate both issues. With implementing our gateway, fraud and chargebacks are an issue of the past.

swap feature


Trouble buying crypto? Not anymore, the PornStar gateway will have its own swap feature, you will be able to instantly acquire (STAR) token with BNB, USDT, Ether, and many more currencies.